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Honeymoon Specials

 NOTE:  Arrangements for the honeymoon special must be made at the time the room reservation is made.


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Bar Harbor is a wonderful locale for a honeymoon - or for a wedding and a honeymoon. Couples who come here for their honeymoon often return for an anniversary. We urge you to arrange a stay sufficiently long to both recuperate from the wedding excitement and enjoy the many activities Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park have to offer.


Our honeymoon special varies depending upon the time of year.

Quiet Season (mid-October to Memorial Day Weekend)

Stay for 3 nights at the regular room rate and get the 4th night free. This can be doubled; that is you can stay 8 nights for the price of 6.

In addition to the special room rate we provide either a small bottle of champagne or a bottle of sparkling apple cider.


Spring, High, Late Summer, Foliage,  and Fall Seasons

For couples staying 4 or more nights we provide a $40 dinner coupon valid at selected Bar Harbor restaurants - restaurants ranging from nice neighborhood gathering places to the very finest dining spots.

In addition to the dinner coupon we provide, with our compliments, either a small bottle of champagne or a bottle of sparkling apple cider.

For stays of six or more nights we can provide a special room rate. Please inquire for details.

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