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Can you book your room online?
Should you book your room online?
Must you book your room online?

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You can obtain detailed availability information by clicking the link below.
For your convenience we have also provided the ability to book your room online.

Booking online can be convenient if you are making your travel arrangements at a time of day when we are not available to talk with you by telephone (we're available by telephone between 8:30am - 10:00pm Eastern time). Online booking can also be more convenient if you are more comfortable with written English than with spoken English. Online booking can save you the cost of an international telephone call.

We enjoy speaking directly with prospective guests and there are times when a telephone call will allow us to better serve your needs. There are, however, situations in which your reservation must be made by telephone.

Reserving by telephone is preferable if -
  • You have special dietary requirements (e.g. gluten allergy) or health issues (e.g. allergy to feathers)
  • A member of your party has access/mobility concerns (e.g. stairways, high beds, high-sided bath tubs/availability of grab bars)
  • You will be visiting Bar Harbor for the first time and would like advice about your itinerary: How long should I stay in Bar Harbor? What is the "best" route to Bar Harbor? What airports serve travellers to Bar Harbor? How long will the drive really be (rather than what Google says)? What will the weather be like?
  • You will be staying in a B&B for the first time. Some travelers have concerns that may not apply to the Graycote Inn; others can discover reasons that a traditional B&B such as the Graycote will not be the right choice for them (e.g. no TV, fixed menu at breakfast, no breakfast meats). Talking with the innkeepers is the best way to address these issues.
  • You are seeking to meet government per diem rates

Reserving by telephone is required if-
  • There are children under the age of 12 in your party
  • Your party requires more than 2 rooms
  • You wish to make your deposit by means other than a credit/debit card

To Book one of Our Specials or Packages

Booking one of our specials or packages online is a two-step process:
  1. Reserve the room of your choice online
  2. Telephone us within 24 hours to arrange the details of the special or package


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