Graycote Inn, full breakfast

Bar Harbor, Maine · (207)288-3044


Sample Graycote Inn Breakfasts

Full served breakfast

We serve a single set menu each morning - chef's choice.
Breakfast includes a choice of fruit juices followed by a fruit and bread course, and finishes with a hot entrée and accompaniments.
There is always unlimited coffee and tea. You will have a different fruit course and entrée each day.
For your health we use whole-grain flours, no trans fats, and a minimal amount of salt.
We do not serve breakfast meats. We are happy to accommodate religious and medical dietary restrictions.

Green Hotel

Choice of Fruit Juices
Broiled Half Grapefruit with Banana Muffin
Maine Wild Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes with Pure Maine Maple Syrup

vegetarian breakfasts

Choice of Fruit Juices
Sliced Seasonal Melon with Lime Marinade, Float Away Oatmeal Muffin
Eggs Florentine with Fruited Couscous, Whole-grain English Muffin and choice of Jams and Marmalades

vegan diets

Choice of Fruit Juices
Fresh Pineapple Slice Garnished with Yogurt and Raspberry Sauce, Maine Wild Blueberry Bread
Buckwheat Graham Belgian Waffles with Pure Maine Maple Syrup

full breakfast

Choice of Fruit Juices
Lemon Poached Pear
Seasonal Vegetable Frittata with Herbed Polenta and Toasted Focaccia

gluten free diet

Choice of Fruit Juices
Fresh Ginger Fruit Compote with Cranberry Graham Gem Muffin
Orange Ricotta Stuffed French Toast with Wild Maine Blueberry Sauce

Graycote Inn, Acadia National Park

Choice of Fruit Juices
Pineapple Basil with Yogurt Pecan Coffeecake
Brunch Eggs with Marinated Grape Tomatoes and Toast

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